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    Published on February 11th, 2019 | by Nicolas Zart

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    The new Renault ZOE S Edition boasts better features and more affordability. Find out what it means for our European drivers as an alternative to the Nissan LEAF.

    The Renault ZOE’s features now include:

    • BOSE stereo and reversing camera with DAB radio
    • hands-free keycard
    • rear parking sensors
    • automatic wipers and lights
    • Renault ZOE S Edition priced starting at £19,270 OTR (including Plug-in Car Grant UK)
    • the ZOE’s battery can be bought with the car or leased, with battery leasing beginning at £59 per month.

    In 2018, Renault was the #1 electric vehicle manufacturer in Europe with a 22% market share.

    Things are looking up for the electric ZOE, if not for Renault, which has been left in the awkward position of having its CEO and Chairman in a Japanese jail. (Carlos Ghosn is being held in jail in Japan after a nefarious internal coup at Nissan in case you missed that. In the meantime, Renault is announcing a facelift on its Nissan LEAF competition, the ZOE.)

    The new version of the Renault ZOE is the company’s top-of-the-line option. The Renault ZOE S Edition replaces the earlier Signature Nav model with a host of equipment. Renault was able to squeeze it out with a small premium over the entry-level Renault ZOE Dynamique Nav.

    Among the above-mentioned features, Renault added leather and textile seats in its new ZOE S. The driver seat now has lumbar adjustment also. Customers can choose 16-inch ‘Black Shadow’ alloy wheels or upgrade to 17-inch ‘Black Optemic’ alloy wheels.

    The Renault ZOE S comes with the company’s voice-controlled satellite navigation through an embedded 7-inch touchscreen tablet in the center console. It seems that last feature is now standard on all Renault ZOE vehicles.

    The ZOE can charge remotely through a smartphone app, and you can pre-condition (preheat or pre-cool) the car.

    Finally, Renault gives its ZOE drivers a choice of 2 electric motors for both the ZOE Dynamique Nav and the ZOE S Edition. The Q90 boasts 68 kW (91 hp) and 225 Nm (165.95). It offers a Quick Charge that gives it a 0 to 80% charge in 65 minutes with a 43 kW charger.

    The R110 motor has an extra 19 hp (14.16 kW), with improved performance between 50 MPH and 70 MPH.

    Both cars use the Z.E. 40 battery pack and have a WLTP-rated range of 186 miles.

    To entice new drivers, Renault ZOE throws in a free 7 kW wall box.

    Renault ZOE Pricing

    Model kW (hp) Range (WLTP
    CO₂ Band BIK OTR after PiCG
    Renault ZOE Dynamique Nav R110 80 (107) 186 A 9% £18,420
    Renault ZOE Dynamique Nav Q90 65 (88) 186 A 9% £19,170
    Renault ZOE
    S Edition R110
    80 (107) 186 A 9% £19,270
    Renault ZOE
    S Edition Q90
    65 (88) 186 A 9% £20,020

    Battery Pricing & Battery Leasing from £59 per Month

    Full Purchase Pricing

    Model kW (hp) Range (WLTP
    CO₂ Band BIK OTR after PiCG
    Renault ZOE i Dynamique Nav R110 80 (107) 186 A 9% £25,020
    Renault ZOE i Dynamique Nav Q90 65 (88) 186 A 9% £25,770
    Renault ZOE i
    S Edition R110
    80 (107) 186 A 9% £25,870
    Renault ZOE i
    S Edition Q90
    80 (107) 186 A 9% £26,620

    *WLTP range is 186 miles. Renault estimates a real-life range of 186 miles in summer and 124 miles in winter. 


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