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Published on April 4th, 2019 |
by Jennifer Sensiba

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As EVs continue to go mainstream, we are starting to see the various facets of larger car culture embrace them. In the world of Japanese cars, enthusiasts like body kits, or aftermarket body parts that change the look and possibly the performance of the car. Well known body kit maker Kuhl Racing just released an aggressive and audacious kit for the second-generation Nissan LEAF.

Photo provided by Kuhl Racing

The first-generation Nissan LEAF wasn’t designed to be a mainstream car. With its somewhat odd looks, many described it as an “alien insect pod” or a “crazy frog.” Many EV enthusiasts loved the LEAF, but internet rumor has it that the car was designed to be somewhat on the ugly and eye-catching side because Nissan wanted it to look more unusual than the second- and third-generation Toyota Prius. That way, owners of the EV could “stand out” more than the hybrid drivers.

Whether that’s true or not, the second-generation design is clearly going after the mainstream. With designs that look much more like a “normal” car, and with much more aggressive styling, many more drivers are finding the LEAF palatable. So, it should be no surprise that Japanese car enthusiasts are treating it like other cars and customizing it accordingly.

Photo provided by Kuhl Racing

Kuhl Racing’s new body kit does exactly that. With an aggressive front splitter, lower side skirts, an exaggerated rear diffuser, and more pronounced rear spoiler, anybody putting these parts on their 2018+ LEAF will definitely stand out from the crowd, on the road or at the local CHAdeMO station.

What’s unclear at this point is what the parts were designed to do. While they definitely make the car stand out visually, we don’t know yet whether the parts were aerodynamically tested. The parts definitely have some potential to decrease drag and/or increase downforce at speed, but we don’t know whether the parts will increase or decrease the car’s range on the highway. We are hoping to hear back from Kuhl Racing about the design soon.

While we wait to hear back, be sure to check the kit out on Instagram. It’s shown so far in black and in white


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