PIA special flight brings back Pakistanis stranded in Afghanistan


Pakistan International Airline’s (PIA) first special flight to bring back Pakistanis stranded in Afghanistan received the New Islamabad Airport Thursday morning.There were 328 passengers onboard including Pakistanis, diplomatic staff of various countries and employees of international organizations.On Wednesday, the PIA spokesperson said that the ensign carrier will run three special flights to bring back Pakistanis, media persons, and employees of international organisations stuck within the country.Later that day, PK-6249 – the primary of the three special flights – received the Kabul Airport after beginning Islamabad.Approximately 900 people are going to be brought back within the special flights, he added.According to the PIA spokesperson, CEO Arshad Malik is monitoring the operation to bring back stranded Pakistanis from Afghanistan. He was at the airport to receive the passengers of PK-6249.Earlier, in an interview with ministry spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri said that the Pakistan embassy in Kabul is open and making efforts to repatriate Pakistanis stuck there.“The Foreign Ministry has formed an inter-ministerial cell through which individuals seeking to go away Afghanistan are going to be provided on-arrival visas.”Chaudhri assured that any relocation in Kabul are going to be facilitated by Pakistan, whether it’s of media officials, journalists, or employees of international organisations.“We have shared numbers of the ambassador and ministry with people. Some Pakistanis are even in touch with us.”Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed all possible facilities be made available to repatriate Pakistanis.


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