DG ISI Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed meets Taliban representatives in Kabul


DG ISI Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed arrived in Kabul with a delegation of senior Pakistani officials.

According to sources, the DG ISI met the Pakistani ambassador in Kabul to discuss the border situation and the issue of evacuation of citizens of different countries from Afghanistan through Pakistan.

The DG ISI also met with Taliban representatives to discuss the overall security situation to ensure that terrorist organizations and elements seeking to disrupt peace do not take advantage of the current situation. To be able toThe meeting with Taliban representatives also discussed the evacuation requests of various countries and international organizations through Pakistan and the formulation of a mechanism in this regard.

The meeting also discussed the transportation of Afghans on a daily basis.

The new government will be announced soon, there will be no delay, Afghan Taliban spokesman said

On the other hand, Afghan Taliban spokesman Bilal Karimi said that he did not announce the date of the new government last Friday, the new government will be announced soon and there will be no delay. Talking to state TV, he said that the western part of Panjshir Valley has already come under control while the eastern part of this valley is also under our control.

He said that peace has been restored in Parian, a large district of Afghanistan, and the valley as a whole is under heavy Taliban siege.

“We also have control over Annaba district via Kapisa. The opposition is facing heavy losses while the Taliban are safe,” he said.

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