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Extreme right comes from the tense political situation in PeruLima, Aug 25 (.). – Small, large, inciting hate speech, soliciting cunning, carrying Nazi symbols and times to assure the integrity of the colonies: they are the far right wing groups in Peru exploding the general public as a result of political tensions in the Andes. Citizens’ unrest in Peru during the June 6 presidential election was felt within networks and on the streets of Lima, where ultra-conservative groups found a place to express themselves and attract supporters. Prior to Pedro Castillo’s announcement of his victory in the by-elections, the parties participated in a campaign to eradicate thousands of votes under the unsubstantiated “fraudulent” campaign rejected by right-wing candidate Keiko Fujimori. Opposition groups called for a ceasefire, and now they are seeking the presidency of the Marxist Peruvian Librarian party, which they call “communism” and “terrorism.” They did so legally by exercising their right to protest, but also by resorting to violence and harassment, including attacks on election officials, journalists, and government ministers. Although these groups, which are very small, have never been seen in the country, their actions against the traditional “anti-war” movement in Peru are new, sociologist Omar Coronel, a professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, told .. (PUCP)

. POLITICAL RELATIONSHIP with the Coronel, these powerful organizations, defined as nationalism, freedom and therefore family and the fight against “cultural Marxism”, were born between 2017 and 2019, during the reign of the ultraconservative party “My children no goals”, in contrast. In this context, in addition to repeating (Jair) Bolsonaro’s speech, Donald Trump and other regional rights, this approach to civil rights is appealing, demanding homosexuality, racism and arrogant xenophobia, “confirms the sociologist. La Resistencia was born, one of the most prominent political parties, with political affiliation with Fjimori and former presidential candidate Rafael López Aliaga, a strong outside and sometimes violent violence against women and therefore the LGTBI + community. participated in anti-segregation machines with covid, but its popularity grew with the defeat of Fujimori. Resistance’s

“GUERRA DEL FEAR” has distinguished two other powerful brands, Los Insurgentes and Los Combatientes, whose members promote anonymous campaigns and are exposed to fascist fraudulent networks and swastika-like symbols. With the victory of the agricultural teacher, a “war of terror” broke out within these “fascist groups” that focused on their plans to prevent “communists” from entering the state, and sociologist Carmen Rosa Balbi summed up the situation. added a PUCP teacher, who insisted that a racist and racist case “has not been seen in Peru since the 1930’s. Balbi added that after the election judges left unsubstantiated “allegations” and rejected all of Fjimori’s legal sources, the novel’s speech was criticized for the appointment of Castillo cabinet ministers, “ineligible

.” stand of the Marxist group. For this reason, the Coronel predicted that these groups would “still motivate”, although their short-term performance would depend “heavily” on the actions of the current Executive. “The more the government is in power, the less likely it is that these rights will have the power to speak out and be recognized by supporters,” he said, after emphasizing that “radicalism in particular is a call for youth participation.” ANTI-COMMUNISM AND COLONY Young, but backward, are members of the Patriots Society of Peru, another extremist group formed in 2018 that passes through the Peruvian capital with the flags of the Burgundy Cross, roughly the same as that of the Spanish Carlist organization. His co-founder Gustavo Mirano explained it to him. that the display of this “Hispanicist” sign responds to his team’s mission to market the “unified view” of Peruvian history, which recommends the era of persecutors and because the Inca is therefore Republican. “Exaltation is not only a victory but also all that when the Spanish monarchy as a whole unites Peru as an ally,” Mirano said. An ultraconservative activist, one point of solidarity between his allied party and other powerful parties is that “opposition to the rise of the communist government” which seeks to “distort the existing Constitution from a socialist perspective”


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