Facebook bans Afghan Taliban


Facebook bans Afghan Taliban August 17, 2021 Web deskFacebook bans Afghan TalibanFile photo facebook has said it’s banned all its platforms, including Instagram and WhatsApp, from content associated with the Afghan Taliban and their support.”The Taliban may be a terrorist group under US law and that we have stopped providing services to the Taliban in light folks policy on dangerous organizations,”

Facebook said during a statement. Facebook says a team of Afghan experts has been formed to watch and take away content linked to the group. Read more: Taliban allow female anchors to work Taliban are using social media for years to spread their message. With the Taliban’s capture of Afghanistan, technology companies, including Facebook, face new challenges in handling the group’s content. A Facebook spokesman told the

“We have blocked all accounts created by or in support of the Taliban and banned all platforms from praising, supporting, and representing the Taliban.”Facebook added that a team of Afghan Dari and Pashto-speaking experts has also been formed to assist identify and lift issues on the platform. The Taliban reportedly use WhatsApp to speak with one another


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