factory owner managers booked for murder in korangi fire karachi


The State has registered the case of the deaths of at least 16 workers who died in a fire that killed a chemical plant in Karachi in Korangi. The case was registered under Section 34 and Section 322 (qatl-bis-sabab punishment or involuntary manslaughter). seventeen on the fire. The victims included two siblings

, a man and his uncle. Seven funerals were attended by political leaders, Deputy Commissioner Korangi sent a preliminary report on the incident to the Karachi Commissioner. The fire broke out at 10:08 p.m. there was no emergency exit and it took nine hours to extinguish the fireplace. Due to a lack of preparation, workers were killed by overcrowding, which is according to the first report. The factory is closed. Fire Chief Muen Ahmed told MYTECHTV that the fire broke out on the first floor. “We used snorkels and cranes to succeed on the second floor.”

Ahmed added that the door to the factory roof was locked. “If the door had been opened, it would have been easier to rescue staff,” he said. Police and Ranger staff closed the ground. All the bodies are sent to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center for identification. Social organizations clashed over bodies after the fire broke out. Edi and Chippa foundation workers were seen fighting over bodies found in a factory by a boatman. Saad Edhi of the

Edhi Foundation said the war was caused

by a lack of coordination, but added that things were being controlled quickly. Ramzan Chhipa of the Chhipa Foundation said workers were “very interested” about “working first” which could be a psychological cause of the unrest. pleading the bodies. Ambulance drivers are rewarded with high numbers. which is why they need to be known for fighting who moves the body in the scenes of mass deaths.


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