Female Muslim sub-inspector killed with a knife after being raped in India


New Delhi: Indian media has turned into a quiet onlooker of the assault and merciless homicide of a Muslim young lady. Individuals are fighting for equity in many pieces of the world.

Female Muslim sub-inspector killed with a knife after being raped in India

India’s capital, New Delhi, has been all the rage with reports of rising assault cases, and shockingly, there has been no decrease in the capital. The awful episode happened to Sabiha Saifi, 21, who filled in as a subordinate to the Delhi Police Security Inspector. Only four months prior, the casualty was recruited as a lesser investigator in the police office.

The Indian media,

which is consistently prepared to have a discussion to carry equity to all, is presenting wrongdoing as opposed to offering equity to the casualty young lady Sabiha.

Sabiha Saifi,

21, an occupant of Sangam Vihar, was assaulted on August 27 by four severe speculates who ruthlessly killed the young lady by removing her touchy parts with a blade. police and different organizations, yet so far no move has been made against them.

In this heartbreaking assault case, every one of the limits of mercilessness has been broken. Information on the episode has spread via online media and in broad daylight fights in different urban areas the nation over requesting equity from the killed Sabiha Saifi. So far no equity has been finished.


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