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Nazaiba Harkat with ladies in Chung Chi cart, court decision came


September 24, 2021

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The Lahore Sessions Court on the event of Independence Day administered on the bail use of two charges who had acted up with the ladies in the Chung Chi cart.

As indicated by ARY News, the Lahore Sessions Court heard

the instance of the blamed who had acted mischievously with the

ladies sitting in the Chung Chi cart on Independence Day.

The Additional Sessions Judge requested the dismissal of the supplications of denounced Abdul

Rehman and Irfan, who had applied for post-capture bail

It is to be noticed that Lari Ada police have captured four charged for this situation.

Sources said that the two charged who were delivered

on bail were recognized by the casualty in prison.

Lari Ada police headquarters has enlisted a body of evidence against the person for bothering her.

It very well might be reviewed that after the occurrence

of badgering of a lady by a crowd in Greater Iqbal on August 14,

a video of Chung Chi doing disgusting demonstrations with a lady sitting in a cart became exposed.

High-ranking representatives paid heed after the

recordings surfaced, after which captures were made.

The two cases are forthcoming in court.


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