Iran agrees to Taliban request: Fuel exports begin


Iran agrees to Taliban request: Fuel exports begin

Iran agrees to Taliban request: start fuel exports
Tehran: At the request of the new Taliban government, Iran has started supplying fuel to Afghanistan. The new Afghan government believes that it has the right to trade with Iran after the US withdrawal. Iran is constantly subject to sanctions.

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According to the country’s leading English newspaper, the price of gasoline in Afghanistan has now reached 900 900 per tonne. This is large because large numbers of people have moved out of their cities since the arrival of the Taliban.
According to the newspaper report, the new Taliban government had asked to keep its borders open with Iran because of the fear of price increase.

According to the report, Hamid Husseini,

a spokesman for Iran’s Union of Oil and Petrochemical Products Exporters, said the Taliban had sent a formal message that it could continue exporting petroleum products.

The British news agency Reuters has claimed that the Taliban government had sent regular messages to officials of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Iranian businessmen, after which the Iranian customs administration lifted the ban on fuel exports to Afghanistan.

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The embargo was imposed on August 6 by Iran over security concerns.

According to the report, Hamid Husseini said that the existing concerns have been reduced due to the attitudes of the Taliban.

He claimed that the Taliban had also decided to reduce tariffs on fuel imports from Iran and other neighboring countries.

In this regard, it has been said in the documents that it has been decided to give a 70% discount on the tariff on the import of gasoline, diesel, and LPG from the neighboring countries.

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According to the English daily Dawn, Iran has the world’s fourth-largest oil reserves, but its exports fell sharply in 2018 when sanctions were imposed by former US President Donald Trump.

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