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Kia all set to launch small SUV Stonic in Pakistan 2021

Kia all set to launch small SUV Stonic in Pakistan 2021

Kia all set to launch small SUV Stonic in Pakistan 2021

Kia Lucky Motors has confirmed that it will be launching its Kia Stonic SUV later this month from now but has been opposed to price sharing due to the uneven exchange rate.

‘We would like to see the cost,” said an official of the” organization. “No one can really say where the dollar will go in one month from now.” Just yesterday, the dollar hit the highest in Pakistan by Rs168.94, jumping to Rs16 in four months.

There’s a reason behind Kia Lucky’s hesitation to talk about the costs given to the rand dance. The Pakistani automotive industry relies heavily on imported car parts, especially for competitors such as Kia, who do not heavily restrict car parts. So, as the dollar value goes up, their creative costs go up as well as the other way around. As shown in one experiment, a few cars were made up of 70% imported parts, called CKDs (completely low units).

All things considered, considering what is accessible in appearance and what they know about the business, the experts were prepared to consider the cost. Cars manager Usman Ansari said he expected the cost of the SUV Stonic to be kept at Rs2.8 million and Rs3.3 million to ensure it competes with half of Honda City’s cars, Toyota Yaris, Chanak Alsvin and Proton Saga.

“In any case, there is no immediate dispute with the Kia Stonic in Pakistan,” Ansari said. “It’s bigger than the Suzuki Swift but it’s much more modest than the Nissan Juke subcompact SUV,” he explained. “It will be an exciting car in Pakistan. It is possible that its USP (Unique Selling Proposition) will help it sell.”

Stonic comes with petrol cars weighing 1000cc, 1200cc and 1400cc and the diesel option is introduced at 1600cc.

With the exception of Stonic, the Kia Lucky is scheduled to launch its 2008 Peugeot (shown as poojauw) in December this year. It is a car ‘made by the French “PSA Group with petrol variants coming in at 1200cc” and 1600cc motors” and diesel variants in 1400cc” and 1600cc“. Guessing that both different types of petroleum will be shipped and it is possible that the bottom of the Stonic and the top of the Peugeot 2008 will keep the market divided for every car. “The Peugeot 2008 has significantly reduced the SUV to the Stonic, but it looks smaller than the Kia Sportage,” Ansari said.

“The cost of the 2008 Peugeot could be somewhere in the range of Rs3.6 and Rs4.1 million,” Ansari thought. “The organization will not need its vehicles to fight between them especially on important issues.”

As indicated by reports, the 2000cc Sportage is Kia’s best car in Pakistan despite looking up the segment of the line. The car was the main hybrid SUV in Pakistan. In any case, the clip has now seen mushroom growth as Hyundai, MG Motors, Sazgar Group, Regal Automobiles and Proton have all released the different models.


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