PDM Announces A Public Meeting In Karachi On August 29


The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM)

committee has established a committee for the formulation of the Charter of Pakistan.During a gathering which was participated by eight parties on Saturday, it had been demanded to run the country consistent with the law and constitution.Talking to the media after the meeting, PML-N leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said that a public meeting would be held in Karachi on August 29.

“A schedule for rallies has been decided, which can be announced after a gathering of the leaders on August 28.”He said that the so-called electoral reforms are in clash with the constitution. “The objective of the electronic mechanical device is simply to steal the elections,”

he maintained.The PML-N leader also demanded that a discussion should be held within the parliament with reference to the Afghanistan policy. “The newly-established committee will complete the Charter of Pakistan within six weeks,” he added.He said that a white book are going to be issued on the three-year performance of the govt


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