PM Imran Khan to preside over federal cabinet meeting today

PM Imran Khan  to preside over federal cabinet meeting today

ISLAMABAD (mytechtv News) – Government officials will meet today (Tuesday) in Islamabad to discuss the financial and political situation across the country as is the case in Afghanistan, mytechtv News.

Leader Imran Khan will preside over a state institution meeting in the office of the Prime Minister. The office will discuss a 15-point plan during the meeting.

According to sources, a law passed with the Ruet-e-Hilal Committee will begin to be discussed during the meeting while the office will support the planning of the Chief Executive Officer of Pakistan Expo focused.

Sources said the Department of Home Affairs will issue instructions on the upcoming trip of New Zealand cricket staff to Pakistan. The office will also allow for one opportunity to import 2 crane trucks for the power project.

The gathering will allow for the deliberate appointment of a number of PMC representatives while the approval of the ‘Brilliant Handshake Scheme’ of staff adds to the program.

Approval of the election of the Economic Liaison Committee (ECC) and the Cabinet Committee on Transport and Transportation is also very important in the agenda. The office will also support the nomination of candidates from the National Medical Council.


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