Samsung A50 4Gb ram 128Gb price in Pakistan


The cost of the Samsung Galaxy A50 in Pakistan is Rs. 48,999. Official dealers and warranty providers carry the transaction costs of Samsung’s various products with a genuine warranty. The cost of the Samsung Galaxy A50 in Pakistan is Rs. 48,999. Samsung’s cost per USD is $ 304.

Samsung Galaxy A50 –

Samsung is leaving its Galaxy A50 which will be a new entry point for the product to enter the future with major changes in many of its components. The program for this new series will be different when the previous presentation of the Samsung Galaxy A50 has also been transferred to the LCD display so that the cost is reduced at least considerable. This new system is used to manage Chinese products. It looks like the Samsung Galaxy A50

is completely full of amazing details to keep it up to date with brands like Huawei and OPPO trying to get on top with a bunch of gadgets. Samson’s Glass A50 is paired with a 6.4-inch screen that will be mounted on a large AMOLED board which is an amazing presentation. Samsung’s Cosmic A50 system is ideal for travelling with a new chipset also designed for these gadgets, especially to support the gadget speed as much as possible. Another unique thing about the Samsung A50 is the possibility that these gadgets will be compatible with less precise fingerprint scanners as the unique fingerprint used in the S10 but

the Samsung Galaxy’s A50 will be secure enough to stay against all sorts of real robberies. This phone comes with two variants in terms of its inclusion within the other variants of the Galaxy A50 is 64 GB whereas the second variant of this phone comes with a specificity of more than 128 GB ROM. You can also extend the internal storage of the phone up to 512 GB with the opening of the SD card. The Samsung Galaxy A50 comes with five blurring modes which include a choice of Blue, pink, dark, silver, white. Right now it is up to you what kind of shading suits your character.


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