Saudi space agency’s new mission


Saudi space agency’s new mission!Web Desk 18 August 2021Riyadh: The Saudi space agency has launched a replacement program that will provide training in astronautics. According to Arab media reports, the Saudi Space Commission (Saudi Space Agency) has launched a special program to supply astronaut training within the kingdom. The report said that the new program, dubbed ‘Practice as an Astronaut’, aims to boost awareness of astronauts in society and prepare local youth as astronauts. Will goUnder the program, Saudis participating in the mission are going to be taught the way to sleep in space.

The space agency says the program is being launched in partnership with the Sports Academy. Under the program, the activities will continue for four days, involving boys between the ages of seven and 16, who will experience astronaut training at the indoor sports hall, the agency said. It was also said that discipline would be inculcated within the astronauts and therefore the graph of their aspirations would be raised, the program is formed under the mission of preparing future engineers and astronauts.


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