Sexual assaults result of improper upbringing: Imran PM


‘English not a status symbol’

The premier said the rise in sex crimes in Pakistan was the results of exposure to adult content made available through smartphones.“One of the explanations for the disaster we see here is that we children aren’t being raised during a proper manner. These [act] are neither a part of our culture nor religious. The acts that are happening…. the sexual assault that’s on the increase in Pakistan…that negative side of the mobile.. the items they see on mobile phones, in human history children were never exposed to such content.”“When i used to be growing up I couldn’t even imagine something like this happening,” he said, speaking at the Punjab Education Convention 2021 in Lahore on Wednesday.He said it had been vital to boost and educate children on the lines of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) because it would help fight the rising concern of sex crimes.

Single National Curriculum

English not a standing symbol’The prime minister, while praising Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar and Education Minister Dr Murad Raas for his or her work for improvements within the education sector, said the power to talk English shouldn’t be seen as a standing symbol.“Not a particular class, but everyone should have access to learning English because it’s important for education, but it’s not a standing symbol,” the premier said.He said since the inception of Pakistan, no ruling party had made education its priority and thus the system introduced by British Raj within the subcontinent was still in situ.The system was meant to “create a particular class which looks Indian but thinks just like the British and may be employed by them to rule over the masses,” the PM said pertaining to Macaulay’s remarks within the British Parliament.“When I visited England for the primary time, I realised that, through my education, Pakistani,” said PM Imran. “amwas key to putting together a “nation”.“We spread apart in three directions: madarsas, Urdu medium schools, and English medium school for a really small class,” he said. English medium schools he said, were less aimed toward education and more was focused on creating “desi-wilayatis”.“What sells within the world is an ingenious thought. once we become mental slaves of a far off culture, we will be good slaves but we can’t do something significant.”The premier said half a century ago Pakistan’s government schools were doing well but then the system began to deteriorate.“The school system did enjoy that fall but it made us succumb to mental slavery of a far off culture.”The Single National Curriculum, he said, would yield fruit with time, but “at one point all folks will realise how big this step was.”


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