Sexual terrorism’: Pakistani celebrities condemn Minar-e-Pakistan incident


Over 400 men assaulted and harassed a lady at the Minar-e-Pakistan on August 14, the day Pakistan came into being. The incident has emerged to be one among the foremost disturbing samples of violence against women.Videos of the crime, recorded by people present at the location, show the lady walking with a crowd behind her before the lads surround her. People are often seen raising their mobile phones to require videos and pictures of her and begin pushing her around. because the many men surround her, the lady starts screaming frantically.Another video shows men throwing the lady within the air.

Another video shows men throwing the lady within the air.On Sunday, an FIR was registered against 400 men at the Lara Adda police headquarters in Lahore.After the incident was reported, social media was flooded with condemnations by celebrities. They called the crime “sexual terrorism, not harassment”.Actor Mahira Khan involved an example to be made out of the culprits.


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