Terrible discovery of new species of Corona


Recent research by US experts has revealed that new types of coronavirus significantly reduce the body’s immune response to vaccines.

According to a medical study by Oregon Health and Science University in the United States, experts say that two highly active strains of the coronavirus have been tested on blood samples from people who have been vaccinated or who have lost the code. ۔

In fact, it has been shown that the use of Pfizer vaccines against Corona-type alpha and beta, or in the blood samples of about 100 people infected with the disease in the past, reduced the rate of antibodies to the virus. This led to a 9-fold

decrease in the level of antibodies compared to the original virus.
The results show that the rate of protection against the virus against new strains decreases, especially in people aged 50 and over, which leads to lower levels of antibodies, which is a concern, so vaccination is essential. Efforts to prevent the virus should continue.

The researchers said that the vaccine developed by the American company Pfizer is proving to be effective in providing protection against new strains of the virus, but in the future, booster doses of the vaccine will be required and precautionary measures will have to be taken permanently


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