Black Widow film starring Scarlett Johansson since August 25 is no longer a film “premiere”


and is incorporated into the general catalog of Disney +. If you are a user of the streaming service, you will be able to watch Natasha Romanoff’s latest adventure with just a few clicks and legally.

Since its release, virtually everyone has loved Black Widow. As we told you in our review, it is the movie that the character deserved but unfortunately, we had arrived too late. However, it’s better late than never and now you can watch the tape as many times as you want on Disney +.

It should be noted that Black Widow had to have been released first and exclusively in theaters and a couple of weeks later on the Disney streaming service. However, last-minute decisions allowed the film to be “rented” instead of going to the cinema on its opening week. This move by the company was what caused the current legal conflict between Scarlett Johansson and Disney.

Despite the controversy, the Black Widow movie is finally available to all those who preferred to skip the movie ticket and Disney Premier Access.


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