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The genuine loss of the country is when degenerate individuals approach, Prime Minister Imran Khan


September 29, 2021 –

MY Tech TV

PM Imran Khan said that the genuine loss of the country happens when degenerate individuals approach.

Tending to the momentous service of restoration and up-gradation of Jhal Zhao Bela Highway, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the nation could never push ahead in the event that we just consider decisions. Debasement on the roads will be examined. An incredible burglary has occurred. Requested FIA examination.

Imran Khan said that advancement couldn’t occur in Balochistan except if the correspondence framework was improved. Streets fabricated 7 years prior are considerably more costly today. Our most serious issue is debasement. Defilement is most elevated in helpless nations. There is no defilement in prosperous nations. 200 and thirteen and today the development of the street is saving 200 million.

Then again, Chief Minister Jam Kamal while tending to the capacity said that the past governments just made guarantees, no viable advances were taken. The current administrative and common governments have been working for the advancement of Balochistan for quite a long time. Today, a significant thruway is being initiated in the retrogressive region.

The Federal Minister for Communications said that retrogressive regions are the need of the Prime Minister. We began the C-Pak Western Route from Balochistan. Work on Karachi-Quetta Chaman Highway is additionally in progress.


Executive Imran Khan



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