Traffic warden killed in Lahore


LAHORE: In Lahore, a traffic warden was killed after being overrun by a bus after attempting to prevent it on overloading charges.The traffic warden Tauseef was doing his duty at the exit gate of Lari Adda when he was overrun by a bus, consistent with a spokeswoman for the Lahore Traffic Police.“Tauseef tried to intercept the bus when the driving force refused to prevent it and crushed the cop to death,” the police spokesman said.Muntazir Mehdi, the Chief Traffic Officer, paid a visit to the victim’s home and expressed his condolences for the incident.Mutazir Mehdi promised the victim’s family that he would make quick arrangements for the education and other expenditures of the children’s victim.The cop’s funeral prayers are going to be offered tomorrow, consistent with a traffic police spokesperson.


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