Ufone Telecom wins Pakistan’s unused port


Ufone Telecom

Ufone Telecom wins Pakistan's unused port

ISLAMABAD: The mobile phone company Ufone on Friday won a bid for Pakistan’s unused list of $ 279 million, a communications official said.

The Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) began communicating to sell unused distance late last year.

The range is between the 1800 and 2100 MHz bands frequently used by administrators on 4G LTE (long haul development) networks that provide the fastest web-based and downloadable videos.

“The Out Out Spectrum won by Ufone is 9 MHz with an 1800 MHz band which is 70.3 per cent of all distances released from the band during the current closure,” the PTA confirmed.

The option will support Phone range equipment from 6 MHz to 15 MHz with an 1800 MHz band, to improve quality and increase the inclusion of voice and information management, in addition.

The PTA receives only one donor to purchase through the NGMS

Pakistan has nearly 100 million 3G / 4G sponsors, and a new range known as Next Generation Mobile Services (NGMS) is seen as a precursor to any 5G deployment.

Pakistan’s telecommunications market is overwhelmed by Jazz, sponsored by Veon Ltd of the Netherlands; Telenor Pakistan, supported by Telenor administered by the Norwegian government; Zong, wanted by China Mobile; and Ufone, which has a state-owned company owned by Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd.


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