US claims to have killed ISIS mastermind in Afghanistan drone strike


Washington (My Tech Tv News) The United States has avenged the Kabul airport bombings, according to the US military, the mastermind of the attack, the mastermind of ISIS was killed in a drone strike. The death toll from the airport blasts has risen to 175. The United States has also said it fears more attacks on Kabul airport. Britain announces completion of the evacuation
The first US drone strike since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan claimed to have killed ISIS fighters in Khurasan.

According to US Central Command, the slain ISIS member was the mastermind of the attacks on Kabul Airport.

The United States has instructed its citizens not to come to Kabul airport for fear of further attacks. However, despite the terrorist attacks, large numbers of civilians are still outside Kabul airport.
The UK also shut down the embassy’s Twitter account, announcing the withdrawal would end.

The Taliban claimed to have seized important documents from the British embassy. Meanwhile, the United States blew up the CIA office at Kabul airport. Documents and other belongings in the office turned to ashes.

According to the Afghan News Agency, part of Kabul Airport is now under Taliban control. A Taliban spokesman has instructed citizens to surrender government property, vehicles, and weapons immediately.

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