vivo v11 price in Pakistan 2021 & detailed specifications


The Vivo V11 mobile phone arrived late to be shipped at a retail cost of Rs. It ended in Pakistan. Legal vendors and warranty providers carry the transaction costs of Vivo variables with a real warranty.

Sales Price for Vivo V11 in Pakistan for Rs. It’s over.

The Vivo Retail Price in USD is $ 0. Vivo V11

vivo v11 price in Pakistan 2021 & detailed specifications

The Chinese brand Vivo looks like the V11 and we have the absolute determination of this new phone to be shipped soon to Pakistan with some standard looks and it looks like the Vivo V11 will diminish all the popularity of Huawei and Samsung have found in Pakistan. The big Korean monster is now facing a major problem in Pakistan right now with the launch of the Vivo V11 it looks like the Koreans are going to get a big hit as

this phone has a new system with heavy loads of new offers that have been blocked by a few international calls. Vivo’s V11 has found a decent Notch that is indistinguishable from the Notch used on Essential mobile phones. OPPO has now introduced such a Notch version on the OPPO F9 and now Vivo has unveiled a V11 with the same Notch version it has ever received on that mobile phone before. Photos of

this phone are out now and we have not seen anything that shows a unique fingerprint scanner before or after V11 which indicates that this phone will similarly get a fingerprint scanner below the show however this one will be more advanced and better than the previous Vivo used in all its gadgets so V11 will pull the class one near perfect. The points used in this phone are waterproof so right now you don’t have to worry about water because it won’t damage the V11.

The phone display is 6.41 inches long and the strange thing about the display of this phone is that it has an AMOLED board that they bought for Samsung. The V11 got a 19.5: 9 rating and the show’s target would be 1080 x 2340 which is the best way to set a goal for this class. The 4 GB RAM will perform a variety of tasks to simplify the V11 by Vivo while the internal storage of the phone will deal with 128 GB. The good news is that the internal power of the has the strong support of 256 GB SB space that will help Vivo V11 gain extra capacity.



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